TEMACS is the result of
almost 30 years of development.

Specifically designed for garment manufaturing, with special features for the knitwear sector,
TEMACS has advanced from a raw material optimisation program to a full factory management system.

Provided as a single program, every aspect of the system is linked and integrated with
each other, making the system simple to manage and an extremely powerful source of business information.


Raw Materials

Control of raw materials is essential to the financial success of your business. TEMACS not only controls and keeps track of your raw material stock but uses optimisation algorithms to minimise the waste of your valuable assets.

Product Registration

Product registration is the core of a successful system. The complete system feeds from information recorded for a product from the base materials to the standard minute values. TEMACS makes the recording of all of this information easy and intuitive by providing a central product registry with each stage in separate tabbed sections.

At each stage TEMACS will verify the data entered to ensure that errors in data input are checked and corrected and also to ensure that the recorded product information is ready for the sales order and production stages.

Customer Records

The TEMACS customer management system provides an easy to use interface for the complete interaction between the customer and the business placing information at the fingertips of the TEMACS operators.

Full customer information includes the normal contact details but expands into analysis of product interests and purchases, full customer event history and task management. Along with multi delivery, head office processing and agent management TEMACS provides a comprehensive management interface for all customer interaction.

No information is lost with all historical information held and easily accessible for the future making analysis of past marketing and planning of future campaigns far more simple and accurate.

Sales Information

The interaction between business and customer is key. You need to have client information order history, order progress and analysis information at your fingertips. TEMACS makes this easy with its integrated calendar system providing sales staff with event and task information and the production team with deadline reminders.

Full customer information is always to hand with the drill down facilities allowing you to view and update orders and production progress at any stage.

Works Order Processing

Tracking production through the factory is essential not only from the point of ensuring products are delivered on time to your customers but for the management of factory efficiency.

TEMACS manages the tracking of manufacture by recording the progress of each ticket, works order and knitting or cutting order through the factory. This is normally carried out using barcode scanners at each or critical stages although the whole process can be managed manually using a rapid data entry option.

The production information recorded in this section feeds the capacity planning sections providing a integrated system for the management of your production.

Calendar & Events

The calendar section is designed to provide a central point for the distribution of CRM information. This includes not just information for salespeople to manage the cutomer interaction but for the production management and despatch departments to be kept in touch with order production and delivery schedules.

With the multi-user, multi-personnel calendar, users are able to view any other user's public diary information whilst a user can also synchronise their TEMACS calendar with their Outlook calendar keeping all information collated.

Data Import & Export

Over time TEMACS will accumulate a very significant and valuable amount of data that can act as a resource of analysis information for the future successful operation of your business. This information can be analysed within TEMACS but it is also very useful to be able to extract the data for external analysis as well as to provide sub sets of information to clients and work colleagues.

TEMACS makes this process easy using a variety of tools from within each browse window as well as providing detailed analysis tools for extracting specific query based information.

Data Capture

Data capture plays an essential part in improving the efficiency of the system as well as providing live information for the management of the manufacture process.

TEMACS includes a number of options that will greatly improve not only the immediacy of data collection but also the accuracy of information and efficiancy of collection. The system also provides for mixed source data collection enabling barcode and RFID information to be backed up by rapid manual procedures for additional data where data capture devices are considered too costly or data collection immediacy is not a priority.

Our commitment to you

We strive to provide a quality product, and we try to ensure that your
experience with our system is unparalleled.

  • Free Development

    We will work with you to implement any new feature requests into TEMACS for free - we only ever charge extra for features you want to keep hidden from other users.

  • Free Support

    We will always work to solve any issues that arise during your use of the system.

  • Fair Pricing

    We charge on a 'per-user, per-month' basis to ensure smaller companies can afford our system, and to mitigate the risk of large initial outlay on software.

  • Small Business

    We are a small, family-run business. This allows us to be flexible, and work with you to provide a personal service, without faceless bureaucracy.

  • Add-on Services

    If required, we can provide additional elements to the system, such as an online trade portal to streamline stock orders, or a point of sale application for your stores.

  • Evolving Development

    Our pricing model ensures that the system is constantly kept up-to-date with new features & updates, all provided free of charge.

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