Security Manager SQL

Security Manager SQL is a complete management system for security system installation and maintenance companies, or departments involved in the provision of equipment servicing.

Now developed using the Microsoft SQL database the system provides a far more flexible platform for the use and analysis of your client and maintenance data.

As ever, the emphasis in the system is towards the collection of data for maintenance of quality standards with routine reminders controlling the standard activity tasks and reports.  These provide feedback to ensure the match between target quality standards and actual achievement.

Installed sites are maintained in two levels with the customer or department forming the first layer and the installed sites or equipment the second.  This structure allows for unlimited sites linked to a single account or department record.

Rapid activity logging encourages live use of the system features with direct feedback providing the operator with pertinent information about the site or equipment record including past history analysis, current outstanding activity alarms and account balance information.

Security Manager  includes full multi location stock control with fixed or portable bar-coding facilities, fully costed estimates and quotations for additional or new work with templates for regular model estimates and letter and document management features to manage the complete quality service.

Links to Microsoft Office and data export features ensure that the data entered may be extracted for use outside of the Security Manager system whilst links to accounting systems including SAGE Line 50 make this a perfect system for the small to medium enterprise or department within a larger organisation.

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