We are here for you if things go wrong ... from simple software questions to getting your network up and running after a failure, our experience and training is at the disposal of our clients.

We invest in the training of our engineers to ensure that they can provide a high quality of service. Microsoft Certification ensures that your network is being looked after by engineers who can analyse and fix problems with confidence.

Jay By Jay provide telephone, email, remote access and of course on site support for businesses of all sizes. If it is hardware or network support that you are looking for please call us ... you can find our contact details on the contacts page.


What can you expect from us?

  • Keeping your network up and running smoothly. This includes monitoring the network to identify problems as soon as possible, ideally before users are affected.
  • Administration, this includes keeping track and managing resources within your network, such as - email, user groups, DHCP scopes, IP addresses, sub-netting, group policies, print shares and much more.
  • Maintenance, this means keeping all your hardware and software up to date, for example, when equipment such as a router becomes damaged or in need of replacing, we will have the hardware ordered the same day and delivered and replaced the next day. We will make sure all your equipment is up to date with the latest patches and updates. As well as adjusting devices such as switches and routers, to ensure your network runs as fast and as secure as possible.
  • Anti Virus, is crucial for anyone that uses a computer or laptop it helps prevent malicious malware, trojan attacks and computer viruses, and with these attacks becoming more and more complex and frequent, we can provide you with best solution to prevent these unauthorised intruders getting anywhere near your system.